The Travelling Tailor Inc.

How it Works

Fashion Gallery

In order to provide you with the exact suit you desire, we suggest you start with visualizing what you are interested in having made. Inspiration comes from all around you so don’t limit yourself by maintaining the status quo- search the internet or magazines for pictures, people and styles you like and bring them with you. 

Book an appointment with our stylist. We will arrange an appointment at a time and location that is convenient for you within the Toronto GTA area. Rest assured, whether you are a style enthusiast, or completely clueless when it 
comes to fashion, we will have you covered from start to finish.

​At this stage, our stylist will take all the required measurements to ensure your suit fits like a glove. On the day of your consultation, we encourage you to ask lots of questions and provide feedback as it’s important to maintain open communication at all stages of your suit’s fabrication. We will listen and execute flawlessly!

The final reveal is here. Your suit has arrived and awaits you. We will do a final fitting to personally check every angle to ensure 
impeccable fit and make any necessary adjustments as needed.