Within the wardrobe of everymans closet, he must own at least one well-tailored suit.  

The handmade suit, more than other garment exemplifies the pinnacle of men's stye. 
When designed for the individual and expertly cut by our tailors the suit becomes more than just a suit, it will emphasize just how good you look. It hides any physical weaknesses and flatters the silhouette in masculine manner. The wearer will feel and be more confident, special etc.

Our passion for making you look good knows no bounds. Whether you're looking to get your first tailor made suit or you have special occasion that calls for that classic formal look or something more fashion forward we will work with you to make it happen.

We collaborate with you to ensure a fun, enjoyable and smooth experience. We work with our clients to accommodate your schedules. We come to you. It can be at your office, at a restaurant or your home. We will take the time to understand your needs, provide recommendations and together design a really special look. Not only do we want you to dress better, we want to provide you with sound information of men's style.

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